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(meta)paradox #6: The Brainweird Issue

(meta)paradox #6: The Brainweird Issue


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This zine is about my brain and the way it works (and doesn’t work.) In great detail. Writing it was a form of therapy and processing my thoughts. It’s basically a window into the way I think and my neurodivergences. I talk mostly about autism and my autistic traits and the nuts and bolts of my thought processes, but there’s also stuff about anxiety and depression, OCD, gender feelings, childhood experiences, getting diagnosed with MS, and reclaiming weirdness. If you are autistic or like the experience of getting inside someone else’s head, this may be the zine for you! Super super text heavy! This is the longest zine I’ve ever written. 23,500 words. 1/4 size, 88 pages. Comes with 16 page micro glossary zine.

Content note: depression, anxiety, OCD, medical stuff, mild self harm

Note that this zine was written over 6 years ago, so some info may be out of date.


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