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(meta)paradox #5: The Neuroqueer Issue

(meta)paradox #5: The Neuroqueer Issue


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(meta)paradox #5: The Neuroqueer Issue is a zine about queer and neurodivergent identities and how they intersect. For me, this means the intersections between queerness, queer asexuality, being autistic, and having depression and anxiety, though other intersections are explored as well. There are pieces on femme and disability, bi-ness, queerness and atheism, asexuality and disability, queer and ace language, ace and aro relationships, body image, romance plots in LARPing, questioning where I belong, why I write the way I do in zines, a QTPOC conference I attended, and more!

This zine is 1/4 size and 88 pages long. Contact me if you want to trade!

Note that this zine was written over 6 years ago, so some info may be out of date.


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