Artist. Zinester. Game Dev/Designer. Graphic Designer. Hobbyist Programmer. LARPer. Creative Person.
Olivia Montoya

Zines I’ve Contributed To

Here is where I’ll list the zines (not my own) I’ve contributed pieces to:

  • Problem Skin Zine – “Under My Skin” (also printed in Anecdata #1)
  • Mental Health is Ugly – “The Mental is Physical”
  • Chroma Zine – “Situated on Spectra” (also printed in (meta)paradox #2)
  • The Bandit Zine: Love + Heartbreak – “Finding Asexual Love” (also printed in (meta)paradox #4)
  • Technophilia #0 – “Transhumanist Feels” (also printed in (meta)paradox #3)
  • f-ace-ing silence #4 – “Gray-A Definitions, Division and Silencing in the Ace Community”
  • No Missing Pieces #2 – “I Talk About Myself Too Much” and “I  Lists” (also printed in (meta)paradox #2)
  • Hairy Femme Mother #2 – “Hairy Disabled Latina Femme” (also printed in (meta)paradox #5)
  • All in Your Head #3: (A)Sexuality, Intimacy, and Identity – “Am I Gray? Gray Areas of Identity and Impairment” (also printed in (meta)paradox #3)
  • All in Your Head #4: Cure – I contributed to a round table discussion in this issue
  • Sober Queers Do Exist – “Fear and Habit”
  • FEMME: Part 1 – “Queer and Femme” (also printed in (meta)paradox #5)
  • Versions of Violence: Queer Women and Femmes on Heterosexism – “Heterosexism and Invisibility”
  • STATIC Zine: Heal & Grow – “Zines and Healing”
  • Flourish Zine – “Queer Ace”
  • Femmes & Flowers: Coloring Book Zine – a photo of me was made into a coloring book drawing in this zine
  • Bi Focus: Coming Out – “Bi Myself” (also printed in (meta)paradox #5)
  • Mixed Up! Vol. 2: The Mixed-Race Queer & Feminist Zine – “Guacamole Memories”
  • Dragon Trainer High School – “Sephy & Gwendolyn” (an art piece)
  • If there is an Aces in the Church #2, I will have a piece in it. It’s written, but I didn’t submit it in time for it to get into the first issue.
  • The Last Time I Cried Volume II – Untitled piece
  • Paper Currency #1 – A piece on my “first zine” that got me into zines
  • Riot Grrrl Reviews #1 – Several reviews
  • A Paw-Culiar Cuteness – A drawing titled “Calvin”