Artist. Zinester. Game Dev/Designer. Graphic Designer. Hobbyist Programmer. LARPer. Creative Person.
Olivia Montoya

Void Calling

At this stage this ttrpg (or LARP?) is just a cool idea. It will be about a group of wanderers traveling the wastelands of a future earth where patches of deadly void move around like fog. The game begins when they encounter a scientist who was a part of the project that destroyed the world, who knows where it all began. They also learn there’s a spaceship launching soon, and it may be possible for them to get a spot on their mission leaving Earth in search of somewhere where the void patches don’t exist. However… maybe humanity destroyed the entire universe. But who’s to say you can’t figure out what went wrong and fix it? Or is the Earth a lost cause? This will be a game of post-apocallyptic travel and hard decisions.