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Olivia Montoya

Small Games

I’ve made several small ttrpgs and ttrpg content, mostly for game jams.

Otherworldly Weather Generator

Do you want some really weird storms in your games/stories? This is a set of randomization tables to generate some otherworldly weather, so it’s not quite a game, but still fun. Made for the Generator Jam 2021.

sticker trading card friendship game

Here’s a cute little “pocket monster” raising business card game you can play with friends at cons. I made it as a personal challenge to make a trading card game that fits on a single business card. I did it, though it requires multiple copies of the card to play. The card is a standard business card size (3.5 x 2 inches) with bleed included. The aim is to raise your monsters, represented by stickers stuck to the card, by collecting business cards from new friends to earn hearts, which will allow your monsters to use new abilities that earn victory points.


Neurometaphysical Recursion

This is a game is a one-page ttrpg for the One-Page RPG Jam 2020 about recursive worldbuilding on a massive scale, using the structures of the brain and the universe as models.

bitter/SWEET after/LIFE

This is a game about death and life and love and coming to the bittersweet moment when all the loose ends are tied up and both of you can move on.

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this. It has elements of story game and LARP. Freeform, maybe? Either way, it’s a short, emotionally intimate experience for two players, playing two romantic partners (or (queer)platonic partners, or close friends), one of whom has killed the other, but not out of malice.

Starry Messenger – A Troika! Background

So, despite having never played Troika!, I decided to make a background for the Troika! Backgrounds Jam. This one is based on a character and storyline I came up with in high school that I thought matched the tone of the game (in my uneducated opinion).