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Olivia Montoya

Dream Afar

Dream Afar is a game of Belonging Outside Belonging, a hack of the excellent Dream Askew by Avery Alder and Dream Apart by Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Dream Afar introduces a vast multiverse of dimensions, guarded by you, the Interdimensional Guardians, who are headquartered in the pocket dimension called Anywhere. The multiverse is threatened by the malevolent and eternal Rift, which seeks to bring all dimensions under its influence. The spaces between dimensions are filled by the mysterious In Between, which may prove either helpful or harmful.

Plucked from numerous dimensions far-flung and diverse, teams of Interdimensional Guardians from across time and space use their powers to protect and push back the forces of the Rift, guided by Anywhere. You are one such team.

Your job is not easy. In fact, your life has never been the same since you became Guardians. Your primary companions are your team mates, because they’re the only ones who really understand. Even Anywhere has its problems, and the fight is neverending. Is it all worth it in the end? That’s up to you.

This ttrpg is currently in beta, and only the playkit is available. It’s recommended only for those who are familiar with Belonging Outside Belonging games for now.