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Olivia Montoya


Silversiders is an aggressively queer, dystopian, post-apocalyptic LARP in the MIT Assassins’ Guild Style that I’m still in the process of writing.


1000 years ago the world ended. First it came by air, then came the fire. Next it came by earth, water, and finally ice. The old world is long gone. What is left is Silverside, the last city standing in a frozen wasteland as far as the eye can see. The apocalypse left lasting effects on the survivors. Those who lived mutated and became more suited to the land they now inhabited. Three forms they became. The Perfects, who rule from on high, the Shades, who are relegated to serving the Perfects, and the Bulbs, who live in the watery ice caverns on the outskirts of the city. Silverside society is rigid and harsh, all too aware that they are the last bastion of humanity and willing to twist their morals for the “greater good.” Those beneath them live in fear of the Council of Perfection, rumored to have godlike abilities, or at least try to keep their heads down. And so it has been for a long time.

That is, until certain Silverside residents began to exhibit strange new abilities for the first time since the end. The Council caught on quickly and has quarantined the affected in one of their secret complexes on the edge of the city. For a week, the quarantined have been kept in cells, separate from all the others. Today, the Council let them out, bringing them together in a closed-off wing of the complex. Questions will arise. Why did the Council release them from their cells? Why are the new abilities appearing, and why in them? Why is the last city on Earth called Silverside? Why did the last world end? Is it possible that it will happen again? Why is there a locked door with the word “Loyalty” carved into the steel?