Artist. Zinester. Game Dev/Designer. Graphic Designer. Hobbyist Programmer. LARPer. Creative Person.
Olivia Montoya

LARP Town Web App

LARP Town is a web app currently in development. Its purpose is to allow people to play secrets and powers style live action roleplaying games on the video chat platform When players are logged into the app and signed up for the relevant game, they can interact with game elements through web pages embedded as Gather objects in the 2D maps used on LARP town uses Google Firebase for hosting and database services, as well as the Materialize CSS framework.

So far, the web app is not available for testing, but current functionality includes the ability to create an account, log in, and create a full LARP through the builder I wrote (though it is not currently possible to edit elements once they have been added through the builder). I am working on getting game elements to display on web pages according to queries in the URL (and of course whether the user is logged in and signed up for the relevant LARP).