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Olivia Montoya

Extinction Level Event

In the year 2520, when time travel tourism is just becoming affordable for the upper classes of society, Xtynction Event is set to be the most exclusive, luxe music festival of all time. Mediollennial influencers, supermodels, celebrities, bands, and the beautiful rich will all travel back to just before the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs to party like no one’s ever partied before. Then everyone will travel back, and all traces of their presence will be wiped away by the asteroid, avoiding any pesky butterfly effects. At least, that’s the plan. But even well-laid plans can fall apart… and this, unfortunately, isn’t even a well-laid plan. When things inevitably go terribly wrong, who will be able to survive and make it home to 2520? And will the future still be there when they arrive?

Extinction Level Event will be a 4 hour satirical secrets and powers LARP inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” and the real world Fyre Festival fiasco, written in the short form MIT Assassins Guild style. It is a mechanics heavy game with a focus on intrigue. The game has pre-written characters and some predetermined plot elements, and there is lots to learn from exploring the environment! There will be character to character antagonism and secret information (secret from characters and players) that will likely come to light in game.