Artist. Zinester. Game Dev/Designer. Graphic Designer. Hobbyist Programmer. LARPer. Creative Person.
Olivia Montoya

CT/MA/NY Tri-State Area LARP Interest Group

This group is/was intended to be an opportunity for those interested in any aspect of Live Action Roleplaying (game writing and design, science fiction, fantasy, theatre, acting, event organization, prop building, costuming, RPGs, and other nerdery) in any style and genre to come together, discuss LARP, share skills, and plan events. The group is for people who live in Northwest Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and the parts of upstate New York bordering these areas.

This group used to be on, but due to low levels of member interaction and the monthly cost of maintaining a group, I decided to move it to a Facebook group.

It will probably remain just a Facebook group, since I had little luck finding people for in-person events, and then the pandemic hit.