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Olivia Montoya

Otherships Jam

Otherships Jam is a game jam that focuses on creating games centering underrepresented relationship structures. So far I’ve hosted it twice times, and I plan to continue.

Here’s a list of what “underrepresented relationship structures” can mean:

  • Asexual romantic relationships
  • Queerplatonic/Quasiplatonic relationships, asexual or otherwise
  • Other aromantic partnerships
  • Same gender relationships
  • Other queer relationships
  • Valued friendships
  • Polyamorous and polyplatonic relationships
  • Relationships that reject hierarchies/relationship anarchy
  • Chosen family
  • Mentorship
  • Relationships including autistic and other neurodivergent people
  • Relationships involving disabled people
  • Relationships where one partner is a caregiver for the other
  • Cohousing and other forms of communal living
  • Relationships naturally evolving over time
  • Consensual power imbalance/BDSM/kink in relationships
  • Cross-cultural and interracial relationships
  • Relationships only possible in fantasy or science fiction or horror
  • And more!